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HEC Asks Digital Artists to Showcase their Skills in ECO Youth Award and Win $1,000 Cash Prize

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Islamabad has announced an exciting opportunity for young digital artists. The ECO Youth Award aims to recognize the best in digital art and graphic design among young artists from the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member states. This prestigious award comes with a $1,000 cash prize and the chance for young talents to showcase their creativity.

The ECO Youth Award celebrates original and innovative designs that convey meaningful messages and highlight the diverse cultural heritage of the ECO region. The competition is open to digital artists aged 18 to 30 who wish to submit their work and participate in the contest.

How to Apply

Young artists interested in entering the competition can submit their digital art on the ECOCI Youth Award website at this link. The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2024, so aspiring artists should make sure to submit their entries before the deadline.

The Importance of the ECO Youth Award

The ECO Youth Award is a part of a broader initiative to foster strong relationships among the people of the ECO region. The award seeks to support young people as a driving force for development in the ECO countries and promote their active participation in cultural activities.

By encouraging young talents, the ECO Youth Award helps to popularize the ECO Cultural Institute and its mission. The award not only recognizes exceptional achievements in art and design but also encourages contributions in areas such as research projects, sociability, culture, and sports.

Nomination and Selection Process

The ECO Youth Award is presented to individuals who demonstrate outstanding contributions in their field, whether through research, art, or other cultural pursuits. Each ECO member country nominates up to three young artists for the award. These nominations are submitted using a registration form available on the ECOCI website, and the deadline for nominations is set three months before the award ceremony.

A special Award Committee, consisting of Cultural Attach├ęs from ECO member states, will select one winner from each country. The winning artists will be announced at a special hybrid ceremony held on occasions like ECOCI Day or ECO Day.

What Winners Can Expect

The top digital artists from each country will receive recognition for their exceptional talent and creative achievements. The ECO Youth Award provides a platform for young artists to showcase their work and gain exposure within the ECO region.

This award serves as a great opportunity for young artists to connect with others, learn from their peers, and contribute to the cultural heritage of the ECO region. In addition to the cash prize, the award offers a chance for young artists to grow their careers and further their impact in the field of digital art.

The ECO Youth Award is an annual event, so young digital artists who don’t win this year can always try again in the future. For those who do win, the award is an excellent way to advance their careers and gain recognition for their hard work.

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