Monday, April 15, 2024

HEC & USAID announce scholarships for female students

Women’s education in our society does not present a good picture; however, the recent development will alleviate the status of education for women’s division.

The good news in this segment comes from the collaboration of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The names, as mentioned earlier, have joined heads to engineer a female-friendly scholarship system.

This system will primarily focus on the underprivileged and bright female students. They somehow were not able to carry on with their academics. This scholarship will enable such female students to attend some of the best institutes this country offers. The collaboration of HEC and USAID is a praiseworthy step concerning women’s education.

The scholarship pays for the entire tuition charge and a book allowance, boarding and accommodation, transportation, and other academic expenses.

As far as the eligibility criteria for this scholarship is concerned, some 30 well-reputed government and private universities have been nominated where the female applicants would be able to avail this opportunity for the programs of Master’s/MBA’s/ MS/ MPhil/ Education degrees.

The things which will make a candidate ineligible are: 1) If a student has already applied for a university on a self-finance base. 2) If a student has done Bachelors’ (BA/B.Sc. in simple terms), that student will also be ineligible. In such a case, students will be finding spots in the evening programs of the respective university.

Where women don’t have many opportunities to further their education, this merit, and need-based scholarship is much-needed. However, men have voiced their concerns by demanding similar scholarship programs in the name of gender equality.

Here’s the list of HEC nominated university where this scholarship system can be availed.

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