Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Here’re Tips to Grow Followers on Meta’s Twitter Like App “Threads”

The new social media app, Threads has gathered the attention of millions of people within hours of its launch. As the platform is new and has less competition right now, providing a chance to capitalize on your account by gaining followers.

Follow the tips mentioned below.

Instagram Followers

Since the platform is linked to Instagram, you can have your Instagram followers on Threads as well. When you sign up for Threads, if decide to follow the Instagram lists, the followers are automatically added. This is the simplest way but beneficial for those who have a large Instagram following already.

Post Frequently

Post as much new content as you can on this new platform. There are no boundaries to creativity, explore the app and use it to post engaging content. You can go live and use the moment to capitalize on your content.

You can also post short interesting threads according to the ongoing trends or post long threads keeping your audience in mind. Depending upon how you want to use this platform, post interesting threads. Another tip is to add a GIF, short video, or good-quality picture to make your thread attractive.


Engage with the audience and our peers. Try to put forward the content your followers or the ages you follow posts to increase your visibility and gain more followers.

Get Verified

Just like Instagram, Threads does not follow a particular timeline to get your account verified. It uses algorithms. If you are verified on Instagram, you can easily get verified on Threads too.

Explore this new platform in the best possible ways to monetize your accounts and gain more followers.

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