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Here’s a List of Countries That Have No Airports

Have you heard of the countries without any Airport. Read out about these 5 countries which do not have their own airport and rely on water and land as means of transportation.


Andorra is a beautiful village located between Spain and France. People in Andorra make use of buses and trains for transportation. The country boasts its ski resorts and mountains that can take your breath away. The citizens utilize the airports of France and Spain for international travels.  


This amazing landlocked country is situated between Austria and Switzerland. The small village is known for its medieval castles and adventurous places. If needed, people living in Liechtenstein travel through Germany or Austria’s airport.


The affluent Monaco, known for enormous luxurious cars, is a small principality on the French Riviera. The country has no airport within its border. People utilize France airport for international ventures.

San Marino

A small independent landlocked country in Italy, San Marino boasts its natural beauty. The country has no airport of its own and avail Federico Fellini International Airport in Rimini, Italy.

Vatican City

Vatican City is known as the smallest city located nearby Italy. The city is popular for Saint Peter tomb and is a wonderful place to visit in Europe. The beautiful landlocked city makes use of the Rome International Airport in Italy.

These European countries lack having their own airports for their small geographical area, low-economy, and low population. Besides, having the opportunity to utilize the nearby international airports provides an advantage.

If you ever plan to visit these beautiful countries, make sure to check out the shortest train or bus route.

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