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Here’s a List of Professions Eligible to Apply for a Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has recently released a comprehensive list of professions eligible for individuals to apply for a family visit visa. It is important to note that only a limited number of professions are included on this list, and individuals must ensure that their current profession, as stated on their Iqama (residence permit), aligns with the eligible professions. The term “Mehna” refers to the job category or profession mentioned on the Iqama, making it essential for individuals to be aware of their own Mehna.

Legally, individuals are only allowed to work in professions listed on their Iqama. Therefore, if their current profession is not part of the approved list, they will need to change their Iqama profession accordingly.

The list of eligible professions for family visa sponsorship in Saudi Arabia is divided into three categories:

  1. Manager/Director/Consulting:
    • Accounts Manager
    • Administrative Manager
    • Air Transport Manager
    • Archeological Director
    • Bank Manager
    • Commercial Manager
    • Consultant (all types)
    • Director (in various fields)
    • Hotel Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • School Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Tourism Agency Manager
    • And more
  2. Specialist:
    • Agricultural Specialist
    • Dental Technician
    • Medical Analysis Specialist
    • Nutrition Specialist
    • Sports Medicine Specialist
    • X-Ray Specialist
    • Zoology Specialist
    • And more
  3. Technicians:
    • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
    • Computer Technician
    • Dental Technician
    • Lab Technician
    • Medical Equipment Technician
    • X-ray Technician
    • And more

Other eligible professions:

  • Accountant / Auditor
  • Businessman / Businesswoman
  • Lawyer / Advocate
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Pilot
  • Professor
  • Translator
  • And many more

Individuals who have professions not listed among the eligible categories will need to change their Iqama profession to be able to apply for a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. However, it is essential to fulfill the specific requirements for changing the Iqama profession, including registration with relevant professional bodies, attesting degrees, and paying the required fees.

Once the Iqama profession has been changed, individuals can proceed with applying for a family visit visa. It is advisable to keep track of the progress through the Absher account and visit the Jawazat office to obtain the new Iqama reflecting the updated profession.

This recent revelation of eligible professions for family visit visas provides clarity to individuals and facilitates the smooth process of applying for visas in Saudi Arabia. It ensures that families can reunite and spend quality time together while abiding by the regulations set by the authorities.

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