Sunday, April 21, 2024

Here’s How Can You Save Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called Keep in Chat, allowing users to save important messages from disappearing. This new option is designed to help users keep important details such as addresses, voice notes, and other important messages within reach for a longer period.

How to use this feature?

To use this feature, users can simply long-press on a message within a disappearing message thread. This will give them the option to save the message or let it disappear. If a user decides to save a message, the sender will be notified, and the message will be available within the Kept Messages folder.

How is it Beneficial?

The saved message will appear with a bookmark icon to help users quickly identify and access them. This feature can be beneficial for businesses, professionals, and individuals who rely on WhatsApp as a primary communication tool. It ensures that important information is not lost, and users can quickly access it when needed.

The Keep in Chat feature is gradually rolling out to WhatsApp users and should be available to everyone soon. With this new feature, WhatsApp continues to improve its services and offer a better user experience.

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