Sunday, October 1, 2023

Here’s How Long Experts Advise Storing Qurbani Meat in Deep Freezers

On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, everyone worries about keeping the meat in Freezers, however, many do not know the safe time period for storing Qurbani meat. Health experts advise people about consuming and storing meat in the Summer as carelessness can cause health problems.

According to the Health advisors the safe period for storing Qurbani meat in deep freezers is a maximum of 2 weeks. In addition, they advise having a balanced diet, especially during Eid Al-Adha events as consuming excessive meat can cause stomach problems.

A healthy individual can eat 250 grams of meat per day while people with hyper cholesterol problems, diabetes, and cardiac issues must 125 grams of meat per day. There is a high amount of cholesterol in the brain, kidney, and liver parts of sacrificial animals, therefore people with health issues must avoid them.

In addition, people are strongly advised to make sure the meat is properly cleaned and cooked while having BBQ parties at home as uncooked meat can result in various disorders.

So, this Eid-Al Adha enjoy various meat dishes and host BBQ parties while following the tips of health experts.

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