Sunday, April 14, 2024

Here’s How much Photographer Paid for Iconic Windows XP Wallpaper?

The most popular image of all time, according to statistics, is the “Bliss” default wallpaper from Microsoft XP. A separate photographer who took the popular “Autumn” wallpaper got just $45, whereas Microsoft paid the photographer who took that image almost $100,000 for its use.

Photographer Chuck O’Rear captured The Bliss in January 1996 as he travelled to California to meet his future bride. National Geographic employee Chuck O’Rear said to People magazine that he always has a camera with him and frequently pulls over while driving to shoot pictures.

St. Helena Star writes: “Delivering the original image to Microsoft, however, was another issue. The Software giant paid an amount in the low six figures for the photo, something which still amazes O’Rear. Because of the value of the photo, however, the cost of insuring it was so prohibitive that even “Fed Ex wouldn’t touch it,” he said.

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