Thursday, September 21, 2023

Here’s How Much Target Pakistan has to Chase if Match Reduced to 20 Overs

The highly anticipated Pakistan vs. India match is once again being affected by rain. In the third match of the Super Four stage at the Asia Cup, cricket fans were treated to an exciting but rain-interrupted contest.

Unfortunately, the match had to be halted due to rain. If India doesn’t get another chance to bat, Pakistan will be facing a challenging target.

In the event of a 24-over match, they would need to chase 206 runs, and if it’s further reduced to 20 overs, they’d be tasked with reaching 181 runs to secure a victory.

It’s worth noting that the Pakistani fast bowlers faced a tough challenge in the initial overs, as they couldn’t manage to take any wickets. This allowed India to build momentum, setting the stage for an exciting clash once the match resumes, weather permitting.

Cricket fans eagerly await the continuation of this match to see how the teams will fare in this fiercely competitive Asia Cup encounter.

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