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Here’s How to Renew Your UAE’s Visit VIsa by Driving to Hatta Border

It is around 220 kilometres from Abu Dhabi and 130 kilometres from Dubai. For many foreigners residing in the UAE, Hatta—a well-liked tourist destination—has emerged as their first choice for visa renewals.

Driving down to the Hatta border post is one option to renew your visit visa in the UAE.

On the border with Oman, in the Hajar Mountains, sits Hatta, a minor exclave of the Emirate of Dubai.

Renew your UAE visit visa by driving to Hatta

travellers should be aware that at the border, only credit or debit cards are accepted for payment.

Visitors with valid visas can leave the UAE by travelling to Hatta. Before to their trip, they must apply for an Oman visa, which takes roughly 24 hours to process.

Use of Dubai Smart Travel:

  • Enter your email address and cellphone number. Make a fresh password.
  • Your registered cellphone number will receive an OTP of six digits.
  • The “traveller” option should be selected. Your first and last names, nationality, and passport number should be entered.
  • Note: If you are a truck driver, please provide the necessary information.
  • After registering, the app will take you to the official Dubai Smart Travel page, where you may select between “Hatta” or “Sea.” Choose Hatta.
  • Then, pick the sort of voucher you want to use and click Exit > Single or Group > Use Current Details or Purchase for a Different Traveler.
  • You will then receive a coupon that will cost roughly AED35.9. Pay using a card.

If your car doesn’t have insurance, you may get a five-day, AED105 policy at the kiosk at the gate. Also, it is the least-priced insurance option that is offered.

Afterwards, drive to the Hatta border’s Dubai exit and produce your passport to receive the UAE exit stamp. After that, you may quickly apply for a fresh UAE visit visa.

Visit visa holders should proceed to the Oman arrival gates where their car must be insured by Oman after receiving the exit stamp.

Within one to four hours, you’ll have your new UAE visa, at which point you may head to the Oman exit gate.

Show your passport once again to get the Oman exit stamp, then proceed to the UAE arrivals lounge to get your entrance stamp at the immigration desk.

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