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Here’s How to Watch Pakistan vs India World Cup Clash Live on your Phones

In the heart of an exhilarating cricket season, fans around the world are gearing up for one of the most anticipated matches of the year – Pakistan vs. India in the World Cup. But how can you watch this epic clash without the annoyance of ad breaks stealing the excitement? Here’s your guide to catching every thrilling moment live on your mobile device.


When it comes to cricket, Hotstar is the ultimate destination for fans worldwide. They secure broadcasting rights for major cricket tournaments, ensuring fans from different regions can join in the excitement. Whether you’re in Pakistan, India, or anywhere else, Hotstar offers a global cricket experience that’s hard to beat.

Choose Your Subscription:

Hotstar provides you with the flexibility to choose between free and premium subscription plans. Opting for a premium plan grants you access to live cricket matches, including the electrifying Pakistan vs. India World Cup clash. Additionally, you’ll have access to a vast library of on-demand content, making it a comprehensive cricket package.

Enhanced Live Features:

Dive deep into the action with Hotstar’s enhanced live features, including live commentary, real-time score updates, and interactive scorecards. Multiple camera angles provide a captivating and immersive viewing experience, ensuring you won’t miss a single moment of the action.

User-Friendly Interface:

Finding your desired match and starting your streaming journey is a breeze with Hotstar’s user-friendly interface. No more hassle or confusion – you can get straight to enjoying the game.

For those seeking a Pakistani perspective on the game, Tamasha, a prominent Pakistani streaming platform, offers tailored coverage:


Primarily catering to the Pakistani audience, Tamasha secures rights to broadcast Pakistan cricket matches, including the much-anticipated India vs. Pakistan clash. They also offer both free and premium subscription plans, with premium subscribers enjoying access to live cricket matches and exclusive content.

Local Expertise:

Immerse yourself in a Pakistani perspective with local commentators and analysis, providing a unique experience for Pakistani cricket enthusiasts. With live score updates, highlights, and real-time commentary during matches, Tamasha ensures you won’t miss a beat.


Tapmad, another Pakistani streaming platform, has emerged as a reliable option for cricket enthusiasts.

Catering to the Pakistani audience, Tapmad secures rights to broadcast cricket matches, including those involving Pakistan and India. With various subscription tiers, Tapmad offers flexibility in choosing your level of access. Premium plans typically grant access to live cricket matches and additional content.

Local Touch:

Tapmad’s local commentary and analysis bring a local touch to the game, making it a preferred choice for Pakistani cricket fans. The user-friendly interface ensures you can easily find and enjoy your favorite cricket matches without any hassle.

With these streaming platforms at your fingertips, you can savor every thrilling moment of the Pakistan vs. India World Cup clash live on your mobile device. Say goodbye to those annoying ad breaks and don’t miss out on the epic showdown that promises to be a cricketing spectacle for the ages!

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