Monday, October 2, 2023

Here’s How UAE Residents Can Fly Multiple Airlines, Travel the World on a Single Ticket

Living in the UAE gives you an amazing advantage: you can easily explore the world. Thanks to strategic partnerships between top airlines like Emirates and Etihad Airways, your journey becomes smooth and hassle-free. These airlines have teamed up with carriers in various global destinations, making it possible to travel far and wide with just one ticket.

Imagine booking a single ticket from Dubai or Abu Dhabi and reaching cities across the globe. You don’t need to worry about multiple check-ins or baggage claims. With the ‘one-baggage policy’, your checked-in luggage is sent directly to your final destination.

Let’s take a look at where you can go:

Emirates’ Partner Carriers:

  • Air Canada: Fly to Toronto or Montréal and then explore 20 destinations in Canada.
  • Qantas: Your Emirates booking can take you to numerous Qantas destinations around the world.
  • United: Starting from November, travel between the US and other destinations with Emirates and United.
  • Philippine Airlines: Reach various Philippine destinations via different airports.
  • Japan Airlines: Connect to over 27 destinations within Japan.
  • Gulf Air: Emirates operates codeshare flights to destinations like Algeria, Budapest, and more.
  • Thai Airways: Connect to over 70 destinations within and outside Thailand.
  • Bangkok Airways: Seamlessly reach 17 destinations in South East Asia.
  • Aegean Airlines: Enjoy codeshare flights to domestic destinations in Greece.
  • Air Mauritius: Experience a seamless journey to over 11 destinations with Air Mauritius.

And many more…

Etihad Airways’ Partner Carriers:

  • Philippine Airlines: Reach 19 domestic destinations in the Philippines.
  • Airlink South Africa: Enjoy access to 16 domestic destinations in South Africa and 25 regional African destinations via Johannesburg.

Plus, other partners like Biman Bangladesh, Air Seychelles, and more.

These partnerships make your travel dreams a reality, allowing you to explore various corners of the world without the hassle of multiple bookings. It’s as simple as booking with Emirates or Etihad Airways and unlocking a world of destinations.

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