Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Here’s How you can Double Your Salary in UAE By Investing Only 1000 Dirhams

UAE has become a business hub, now introduces another stream of earning, known as Second Salary Programme.

National Bonds has initiated this new way of income in March which involves investment for producing supplementary income. The organization claims that it will ensure financial stability in future, and you can invest as low as Dh1,000.

The plan consists of two parts – the savings phase, where individuals will deposit fixed amount every month into their accounts (fixed tenure), and the income phase, where individuals will receive payouts monthly.

The scheme is the first of its kind and is a personalized way of income generation for individuals to attain luxurious lifestyle. Furthermore, the organization stated that this is just the initial part of the programme, and they aim to bring the most beneficial retirement plans in UAE.

As the tenure of people’s savings will increase, they can earn a good profit rate, elevating the chances 30 times to be in the organization’s Dh35 million rewards programme draws.

Read out their terms and conditions and have your chance to generate more income.

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