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Here’s How You can Earn Money by Watching Netflix

You could get paid in 2023 for using Netflix to view your favorite shows. This is how it would proceed: To target a particular demographic, businesses, and advertising companies would work with Netflix.

Netflix is going to work with several market research companies. Then, these businesses will choose individuals to interview about their watching preferences in focus groups. You will be asked questions about your Netflix viewing habits as a participant, including how frequently and what shows you watch.

People who desire to work a second job while watching Netflix go by a variety of names. It may be found under the headings “Netflix taggers,” “creative analysts,” “editorial analysts,” etc. on their website. The best thing is that you would get paid to complete these chores; you could even be able to turn them into a part-time job!

1. Become a tagger for Netflix

Becoming a “tagger” for Netflix is the best method to earn money while watching the show.

Work-from-home taggers, also known as metadata analysts, are employed by Netflix to view content and add the proper tags. Language, genre, profanity, cast members, forms of violence, etc. are some of these tags.

2. Create a blog for Netflix movie reviews.

You might start a site targeted at reviewing Netflix films and episodes if you want to get paid to watch Netflix.

So, if you enjoy watching shows, writing, and having a little business knowledge, this idea may work for you.

3. Allow Viggle to Monitor Your Netflix Visits

Looking for a method to make money as you watch your favorite programs? Get the Viggle app now.

This is how it goes:

Before starting Netflix, go into the Viggle app.

To confirm what you’re seeing, Viggle will listen in.

You receive incentives for highlighted material along with one point every minute.

Your Viggle points can be redeemed for gifts or gift cards. It’s also interesting because Viggle may be used with any streaming provider; it does not need to be Netflix.

4. Start a Side Business Closed-captioning Netflix Films and programs

You may be paid to closed caption movies and TV episodes if you’re more interested in making part-time or full-time money than simply a few gift cards here and there.

When you watch a movie, instructional video, or television program during closed captioning, you type precisely what you hear. These closed captions are used by businesses on a variety of streaming services and programs.

5. Display Ads While Watching Netflix on Rewards Sites

Simply register for your preferred ad-watching reward sites, open them, and allow the videos to play on your phone while you watch Netflix.

Although you won’t make much money, it’s still a really simple method to make a little money as you binge-watch your favorite program. Additionally, when you get enough points, you may exchange them for gift cards and treat yourself to a great treat.

6. Install the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel.

This is a different concept that only functions if you watch Netflix on a computer.

An organization that does market research under the name of The Nielsen Group monitors consumer online behavior.

In any case, they will pay you $50 annually and enter you into a monthly $10,000 lottery if you download their PC and mobile panel software.

As a result, watching Netflix on a computer or smartphone while earning $50 is passive.

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