Sunday, June 4, 2023

Here’s How You can Export Dogs and Donkeys to China

China has shown interest in importing donkeys and dogs from Pakistan, officials have told a parliamentary committee as the cash-strapped country is trying to overcome a major economic crisis.

Dinesh Kumar, a member of the Senate Standing Committee, revealed that China has showed interest in importing donkeys as well as dogs from Pakistan during a briefing on imports and exports between the officials of the Ministry of Commerce and Geo News on Monday.

Additionally, Senator Abdul Qadir told the committee that the Chinese envoy had brought up the topic of Pakistani meat exports multiple times.

The committee was informed by representatives of the commerce ministry, nevertheless, that imports of animals from Afghanistan are now prohibited due to reports of lumpy skin disease in animals living in the adjacent nation.

China’s keen interest in donkeys is because they use the animal’s hide in manufacturing traditional Chinese medicines, “eijao” or donkey-hide gelatin that supposedly has medicinal properties, traditionally used to nourish the blood and enhance the immune system.

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