Thursday, July 18, 2024

Here’s How You Can Get Germany’s Green Card

The German government has unveiled a new Green Card to encourage immigration and close gaps in the labor market.


  • One must possess a university degree or a German-recognized occupational qualification.
  • a minimum of three years in the industry
  • less than 35 years old
  • German language proficiency

Germany, one of the most prosperous nations in Europe, is experiencing a labour crisis, with a record high of about 2 million job openings in 2022.

According to data and a recent poll, 90% of the enterprises acknowledged that they were feeling the heat of a labour shortage that was also harming their productivity.

The lack of trained workers has reached previously unheard-of levels.

According to the German government, the new opportunity card would assist close the labour market’s gaps, and authorities would distribute them to qualified professionals annually in accordance with their qualifications and the number of employees required.

The move comes as one of Europe’s strongest economies is experiencing a worsening labour problem and need at least 480,000 immigrants annually to keep its businesses operating and sustain exports.

The planned revisions appear to be an effort to avoid a future labour crisis in the same vein as how Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s administration has been addressing industrial concerns.

The reform plan’s potential to boost the number of employees from nations outside the EU by 60,000 per year is one of its most significant features.

In addition, the plan specifies three routes for labourers to enter the nation.

The plan has been accepted by the cabinet, and according to Finance Minister Christian Lindner, it “lays the framework for a new start” in terms of immigration policy.

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