Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Here’s How You Can Get UAE’s Golden Visa

Investors can now obtain a Golden Visa in Dubai by crowdfunding their property investments through the proptech firm Stake, but they still need to invest at least Dh2 million.

Stake is offering Golden Visa options to investors who commit Dh2 million or more on its platform through SPVs registered with Dubai International Financial Centre. This is the first time that a digital investment platform has provided such an option in Dubai.

Stake’s investment approach offers several unique benefits for those seeking a Golden Visa. Firstly, there are no location restrictions for investors who meet the minimum investment requirement of Dh2 million.

Additionally, unlike traditional real estate investments where the entire investment must be allocated towards a single property, Stake allows investors to diversify their capital across multiple prime properties in Dubai. This approach mitigates investor risk and provides exposure to areas and developments that may not have been affordable otherwise.

Moreover, the investment is allocated to ready-to-occupy properties, offering a more reliable revenue stream through rental income, which can be generated faster compared to off-plan investments.

According to Rami Tabbara, co-founder and co-CEO of Stake, the investment process for obtaining a Golden Visa through Stake is much easier for property investors compared to other methods.

Investing in Dubai real estate through crowdfunding has been a limited practice in the past. However, due to the rapid increase in property values in recent years, more investors are looking to acquire stakes in properties rather than purchasing entire units.

“The current size of our portfolio is Dh130 million and all these properties are in Dubai,” said Tabbara. “By Q3-23, we will have international properties also.

“Through our platform we have been able to attract investors from different income brackets. We have investors who invest from Dh500 per month and we have those who invested over Dh4.5 million. We are a platform for everyone.”

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