Monday, April 15, 2024

Here’s the Mystery Behind the Tiny Hole at the Bottom of Locks

Locks find their place in nearly every household, yet have you ever noticed a tiny hole beneath them and its purpose? This minute detail might have eluded your attention due to its size, but it holds great significance.

The reason for the tiny hole lies in its durability. As the majority of locks are present in exterior doors, enduring rough weather conditions, including rain, it serves a crucial purpose of water drainage. The absence of this hole might lead to accelerated rust and corrosion of the internal parts.

Therefore, the locks are designed to have this tiny hole that provides an escape route for water, preserving the integrity of the lock’s interior, and ensuring its functionality for prolonged times.

In addition, this small hole can also be helpful if your keys get stuck. Oiling the small opening facilitates smoother key operation.

Thus, this petite aperture equips the lock to seamlessly endure all climatic extremes, enhancing its durability.

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