Saturday, July 20, 2024

Here’s What Happens if DLS Method Applies on Pakistan Vs India Match Now

The highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 clash between Pakistan and India has faced a setback due to heavy rain in Colombo even on the reserve day.

As the weather conditions take a turn for the wetter, the intensity of the rain has increased noticeably. It’s a pertinent juncture to remind everyone that in order for this game to yield a result through the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method, Pakistan must have completed a minimum of 20 overs in their innings.

If, due to the inclement weather, no more cricket can be played and this requisite is not met, the points for the match will be equally shared between the competing teams.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that there is still a significant amount of time remaining before they reach that pivotal 20-over threshold. With nearly three hours left in the game, there exists a window of opportunity for the rain to relent and for the teams to resume play.

As cricket fans and players alike anxiously await the skies to clear, the outcome of this match remains uncertain, hanging in the balance as the clock ticks down, and the rain, for now, continues to dictate the proceedings.

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