Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Here’s When to Claim Free Strawberry Sundae at McDonald’s

McDonald’s Pakistan has just introduced a new promotion that will leave some customers with a sweet surprise. From now on, if you visit a McDonald’s location and the cashier fails to ask you about the McDonald’s app before you place your order, you’ll be entitled to a free strawberry sundae!This is great news for anyone with a sweet tooth, but it’s also a good reminder for McDonald’s employees to make sure they’re asking customers about the app.

The McDonald’s app offers a variety of exclusive deals and discounts that can save customers money, so it’s important that they are made aware of it.To claim your free sundae, all you need to do is mention the promotion to the cashier or the drive-thru attendant. They will verify that they didn’t ask about the app and then give you a free strawberry sundae as a penalty.

This promotion is only available for a limited time, so if you’re a fan of McDonald’s and want to score a free treat, be sure to visit your nearest location soon. And don’t forget to ask about the McDonald’s app, it could save you money on your next visit!

Assuming your McDonald’s does participate, let me walk you through how to claim your free sundae. First, order your favorite sundae from the menu and keep an eye on the cashier. If they fail to mention the McDonald’s app, remind them that you are entitled to a free sundae penalty for their mistake.

If the cashier is not familiar with this promotion, don’t worry. Simply ask to speak to the manager and explain the situation. They should be happy to offer you a free sundae as per the penalty policy.

It’s important to remember that mistakes happen, and the cashiers are just human. So, always be polite and respectful when dealing with them. After all, McDonald’s prides itself on customer service and satisfaction.

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