Saturday, July 20, 2024

Here’s Why M.Rizwan Replaces Sarfaraz Ahmed in 2nd Test Against Sri Lanka

In the second Test match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka at the Singhalese Sports Club, there was a player named Sarfaraz Ahmed who got injured. He was hit on the head by a fast ball, and the team management of Pakistan requested a replacement for him because of his injury.

The match referee, David Boon, agreed to the request, and Mohammad Rizwan took Sarfaraz’s place as a concussion substitute. This means that when a player gets hit on the head and is suspected of having a concussion, they can be replaced by another player to ensure their safety.

Sarfaraz is now being taken care of by the medical panel of the Pakistan Cricket Board, and they are closely watching him to make sure he recovers well from the injury. The safety and well-being of players are essential in cricket, and the concussion substitute rule is in place to protect them from further harm.

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