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HESCO Bill Online – How to Check and Pay HESCO Bill in 2022

The Hyderabad electric supply company (HESCO) has made it easy to check and pay your bills online. Follow the instructions below to check and pay your HESCO bill online.

The Hyderabad electric supply company is authoritative to supply the electricity in Hyderabad and some areas around Sindh province in Pakistan. There are 12 districts of Sindh included, which are provided with electricity through HESCO.

There are 1,138,328 consumers, and HESCO has ensured an uninterrupted supply for its consumers. And there operation circles, 67 operation sub-divisions, 15 operation divisions, and six circuits maintaining uninterrupted electric supply.

As the world has turned into an online mode for most things due to COVID-19, HESCO has also provided its customers with the facility to pay their bills online. Now, consumers can check their electricity bills at the HESCO website and pay them online.

HESCO Online Bill Check

HESCO Online Bill Check

HESCO online bill has helped people a lot during quarantine time. Through HESCO online bill check, the electric bill payment was never so easy. Now there is no need to stand in those long queues or worry if you have lost your paper invoice HESCO duplicate bill got you sorted.

Consumers can check their residential, industrial, or commercial bills through HESCO online bill check service. All you need is to enter the 14-digit reference number. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to check your bills online.

  • Go to your browser and open the HESCO website. Then go to the HESCO billing page. You can directly type HESCO online bill check to open the page as well.
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number in the space provided. Follow the instructions below if you do not know how to find the reference number.
  • Click on the submit button and wait till the website takes you to your latest electricity bill. You can take a print of the bill as well.
  • Industrial customers can also check their daily, weekly, and monthly bills.
HESCO Online Bill Check

Reference number

You can find your 14-digit reference number through previous bills as well. The reference number is given in the space above the consumer name. Save your 14-digit reference number because you will need it every time.

Reference number

HESCO Duplicate Bill

If you have lost your bill, a HESCO duplicate bill is your solution. You can browse the previous bills as well. It can be done on your mobile phones, laptop, or computers. Follow the steps given below to get your duplicate bill.

  • Open the website.
  • There is a reference box section and customer service option as well. Click on the customer service option. Then click on the HESCO duplicate bill option from the menu.
  • An unfilled format will appear. Enter the 14 digits reference number in the provided space of the reference box.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • The system will open you a HESCO duplicate bill.
  • The customers can download the duplicate bill or print it as well.
HESCO Duplicate Bill

HESCO complaint methods:

If you have any complaints about your bill or any other reason, you can register your HESCO complaint at their website. Moreover, the complaint can be registered at the numbers provided by them.

HESCO online payment:

Online and offline methods can pay the bill. Check out your HESCO online bill date and pay your bills online. However, the bills can be paid by taking the print of the bill and paying it at any bank or via ATMs.

Online payment method

The online means to pay the bill involves internet banking. To pay the HESCO online bill, users need to get internet banking details from their respective banks. The users can download the bank app on their mobile phones and pay bills online in the comfort of their homes.

Jazz cash/easy paisa

The bill can be paid online by jazz Cash and Easy Paisa. Download the Jazz app/easy paisa app and choose the pay bill option. Chose the option of HESCO. Enter the 14 digits reference number in the required space. Press OK, and your payment is made.

HESCO Bill Calculation Method

HESCO bill calculator can now do HESCO bill calculation. Now you can estimate your bill by the online calculator method even before the bill arrives. You have to put the relevant information required and enter the total number of nits consumed in a month.

Go to the HESCO bill calculator and enter the 14-digit reference number in the space provided. The information required is the connection type, peak hours, off-peak hours, and the phase. After putting all the values, press the submit button, and the browser will provide an estimated amount of your bill.

The article concludes everything you need to know about HESCO online bills and how to check and pay the bills online in 2022.

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