Saturday, July 20, 2024

High-Capacity, Locally Manufactured Wagons Added to Pakistan Railways Fleet

Pakistan Railways has expanded its fleet with the addition of 40 high-capacity wagons, which have been locally manufactured. This development follows China’s commitment to sharing manufacturing technology with Pakistan. These new wagons were unveiled at the Cantt Railway Station in Lahore, and they represent a significant step forward for the railway system.

Each of these modern wagons can carry up to 70 tons, making them highly efficient for transporting containers.

This new capability is expected to significantly improve the overall efficiency of freight transport within Pakistan. The CEO of Pakistan Railways, Amir Ali Baloch, emphasized that this move towards local production is a key milestone in boosting the country’s self-reliance in the railway sector.

The new wagons will enable freight trains to run at speeds of up to 100 km/h, which is a substantial improvement over previous capabilities. In addition to the 40 wagons already added, another 820 are expected to be manufactured and added to the fleet by 2025-26.

This large-scale production effort will not only save a considerable amount of foreign exchange but is also projected to generate over Rs9 billion annually for Pakistan Railways.

These locally produced wagons meet international standards, ensuring that Pakistan Railways can operate more efficiently and effectively. This initiative is set to enhance the operational capacity of the railway system, providing a significant boost to the country’s logistics and transport infrastructure.

By adopting this local production strategy, Pakistan Railways is poised to achieve greater self-sufficiency and economic benefits in the coming years.

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