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Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping Under One Roof With 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Year 2022: Himalayan Chef is Pakistan’s First Grocery Brand to introduce 100+ Naturally Pure Food Products under One Roof in Pakistan. It stands out and holds a prominent place in the market for revolutionizing the entire consumer’s purchasing dynamics. It is operating in nearly 100+ countriesand covering nearly 200+ storesglobally. The brand has a workforce of 1000+ individuals.

Why Buy Grocery Online from Himalayan Chef?

  • The brand offers a One-Stop Solution for all of its customers’ needs
  • It successfully delivers a diverse range of 100% Naturally Pure food products
  • The company’s goal is to deliver an enjoyable purchasing experience for its clients
  • The brand aims to provide a consistent supply of 100% Farm Direct items
  • Every product fulfills all International Quality Control Standards

Pakistan’s Leading Pure Food Brand (Recommended by Experts)

Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping in Pakistan has kept its promise of purity to its consumers for nearly 25 years. Top Chefs and Nutrition Experts across the world have rated all of our food products as #1. Himalayan Chef is also the largest supplier and exporter of Himalayan Pink Salt in the world. Himalayan Chef deliberately provides freshness through the secured food supply chain globally. It is the only grocery and food brand to make a mark when it comes to purity and freshness.

A Wide Selection of Pure Food Products

Himalayan Chef is dedicated to delivering Pure, Fresh, Tasty, and Nutritionally rich foods without reducing the quality. Furthermore, the brand works for a bigger cause, reducing malnutrition. Malnutrition is the primary obstacle to healthy eating and the root cause of diet-related disorders.

Grocery Shopping Online in Pakistan offered by Himalayan Chef

Himalayan Chef Grocery Store sells a wide range of grocery including Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Seasonings, Basmati Rice, Pulses, Cooking Oils, Dried Fruits, and Cooking Plates. Himalayan Chef deals in all Kitchen Staples categories.

Himalayan Chef Grocery Packages.jpg

“Himalayan chef offers a variety of freshly produced grocery items as well as made from scratch prepared pure foods. We deliver on our promises! We are here with the bigger goal of ensuring that people have access to pure foods. We are firm believers that whatever is pure is nutritionally dense.”

Director/CEO Himalayan Chef

Himalayan Chef Grocery Store has created a safe food chain that has resulted in a revolution in food handling and quality. It is helping farmers on one end and allowing customers to acquire the best quality food products on the other end. Delivering grocery that is fresh and at a great value.

Global Footprint (In More Than 100+ Countries around the World)

Himalayan Chef has been at the frontline of all major Marketplaces throughout the world. It has been doing business with major food retail chains such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Kroger, Metro, Sam’s Choice, Costco, and others. The brand collaborates with Cargill and Morton Salt as the leading provider of Salt Products. It has done business in about 100+ countries globally, including the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, China, and Canada.

“We bring 100% pure grocery straight from the farm to your plate. It’s the same as packing the food in its natural form. There are no additives or low-quality ingredients used. And the same quality is offered all across the world!”

-Himalayan Chef with Quality Control Experience

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Here’s a brief overview of the Top-Selling Categories!

Himalayan Pink Salt: Delivering the promise of purity with the World’s Best Tasting Salt. Hand-mined in Pakistan’s Khewra Mines and loaded with a richness of 84+ minerals. This 100% natural, unprocessed and unrefined salt has a distinctive flavor and incredible natural healing power!

Basmati Rice, Pulses, and Flour: Premium-aged Basmati Rice, Flour, and Pulses provide a taste packed with Nutrition. These are sourced from the best quality crops. When it comes to purity and freshness, Himalayan Chef delivers both. Providing a wide range of products that are 100% naturally sourced. Every bite will give you the best combination of Purity, Flavor, and Nutrition!

Dry Fruits and Seasoning:They’ve got everything covered from fresh dry fruit to organic seasonings. Himalayan Chef is here to season every item on your plate. The brand has been providing goodness in taste and freshness from the field to the plate since 1996. Globally introducing a diverse range of products sourced from the fertile Himalayan lands.

Pure Oils: Himalayan Chef Pure Oils are the least refined, high-grade oils that are 100% pure and fresh plant extracts. They enhance the flavor of your favorite meals! They bring out the natural flavor and aroma of each recipe. These are available in Innovative, Convenient, and Hygienic Packaging.

“We guarantee purity and freshness.” It’s as easy as that.”

-Himalayan Chef General Manager

Buy the Best Monthly Grocery Packages from Himalayan Chef.jpg

Hygienic Packaging with HACCP Certification

100% natural whole pulses are packaged in Craft Packaging that is both consumer-friendly and easy to handle/use. HACCP Certified Hygienic Packaging safeguards the product from environmental damage while also preserving its quality and freshness.

Internationally Certified Grocery Products

FDA, CTPAT, BUREAU VERITAS Certification, HACCP, Vegan, USDA Certified Organic, BRC Certification, 100% Natural and Kosher Certification.

WBM Brand Himayan chef certification.jpg

Health and Purity Guaranteed

Himalayan Chef provides grocery products that contain sufficient proportions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. They alsoprovide the required daily intakes of all vital minerals, vitamins, and health-promoting compounds to meet an individual’s nutritional needs. The brand is introducing a diverse range of nutritionally rich pure food products in Pakistan this year. It serves as the foundation for the prevention of diet-related non-communicable diseases.

Top Reasons to Shop at Himalayan Chef for Online Grocery

Return anything you don’t like with a full refundwith no questions asked. Even after utilizing the product, you’re still dissatisfied? RETURN IT!

“We stand out in whatever we do. Our consumers are always our number one concern. We make sure our consumers are never dissatisfied with the service or the product’s quality. On the other hand, we have a staff of skilled customer service providers. You don’t like the product even after its 80% usage? “We’ll accept it back!”

-E-Commerce Marketing Head

Easy Secure Payment Methods:You can shop grocery online with secure payment methods.

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Secured Credit Card Payment
  • Online Shopping Methods include Secured Bank Transfer
  • Mobile Wallets such as EasyPaisa and JazzCash

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