Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Himalayan Salt Around the World is Exported from Pakistan

Himalayan salt is a popular product known worldwide, and it formed millions of years ago in Pakistan’s Khewra region, about 300 kilometers south of the Himalaya mountains.

The salt was created when the Indian land collided with the Asian continent, and the remaining sea water evaporated, leaving behind the salt.For millions of years, the Himalayan salt remained underground and solidified due to high pressure.

The salt reservoir in Khewra was first discovered by the troops of Alexander the Great when they passed through the region on their way to conquer India. It is believed that Himalayan salt was taken to Europe from there.

Because of its value as a commercial item, Himalayan salt was transported to different places by ships or through the Spice Road, reaching both the eastern and western parts of the world.

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