Friday, May 24, 2024

Historic Day! Pakistan to Launch First Moon Mission ‘ICUBE-Qamar’ Today

Today is a special day for Pakistan because they are launching their first-ever satellite mission to the moon. This mission, called ICUBE-Qamar, is happening with the help of China’s Chang’E6 spacecraft from a place called Hainan in China. The Institute of Space Technology in Pakistan confirmed this exciting news.

ICUBE-Qamar is a project that was made possible by a team effort between the Institute of Space Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in China, and Pakistan’s national space agency SUPARCO. This satellite will be carried by the Chang’E6 spacecraft. You can watch the launch live on the Institute of Space Technology’s website at 12:50 PM.

ICUBE-Qamar is equipped with two special cameras that will take pictures of the moon’s surface. Before going on this journey, ICUBE-Qamar went through a lot of tests to make sure everything works perfectly with the Chang’E6 mission.

Chang’E6 is China’s sixth mission to explore the moon. They want to land on a part of the moon that we can’t see from Earth and bring back some samples to study.

Pakistan’s part in this mission is important because of ICUBE-Qamar. This small satellite, called a CubeSat, was made by the Institute of Space Technology. CubeSats are tiny satellites that have many uses in space, like doing scientific research, testing new technology, and even helping with education.

These CubeSats are used for lots of different things, like watching Earth from space, helping with communication, and studying stars, because they are small and easy to send into space.

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