Monday, September 25, 2023

Historic Decision! Now You can Buy a Home in Dubai in Minutes

Dubai Land Department (DLD) introduces the Instant Sale feature. A significant step to streamline real estate transactions in the city. This initiative uses smart evaluation technology, simplifying the process.

The main goal is to reinforce Dubai’s reputation as a prime city for living and working, aligning with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33. Moreover, the feature applies to property sales, including apartments and villas in freehold areas, managed through Real Estate Registration Trustees.

Furthermore, the process is efficient and straightforward. All parties involved gather at the real estate registration trustee office to sign contracts. Smart valuation swiftly confirms prices, and the new title deeds are issued within minutes after the fees are paid.

Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, DLD’s Director-General, expresses satisfaction with Dubai’s real estate sector performance. In 2022, transactions exceeded half a trillion dirhams for the first time, credited to wise leadership and sustainable development focus.

Moreover, DLD remains committed to enhancing real estate sector infrastructure with new initiatives. The Instant Sale feature is expected to boost sales transactions. It will also cement Dubai’s status as a global real estate leader.

With this advancement, Dubai’s real estate market looks promising, providing efficiency and transparency for property transactions, elevating the overall customer experience, and setting new records in real estate sales. Dubai continues to be a top choice for property investments worldwide.

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