Saturday, May 18, 2024

Hollywood Production Team to ‘Produce’ Filmon Pakistan’s Culture

Attaullah Tarar, the Information Minister, expressed excitement about an upcoming Hollywood movie that will showcase Pakistan’s vibrant culture to a global audience, highlighting its positive aspects.

During a meeting with a Hollywood production team currently in Pakistan for filming, Tarar discussed the significance of portraying the nation’s cultural richness on the silver screen.

The Hollywood delegation, comprising James MC Milan, Andrew James Fiero, Luisa Iskin, Sadia Ashraf, Badr Ikram, and Mashal Saqib, engaged in conversations about Pakistan’s diverse cultural heritage and historical significance. They brainstormed ideas for the film, focusing on aspects of Pakistani culture.

Tarar lauded the Hollywood team’s decision to feature Pakistan’s culture in their movie, considering it a significant milestone for the local film industry. He highlighted Pakistan’s rich heritage in various fields like history, literature, music, and art, which hold global appeal. Tarar expressed optimism that the film would effectively showcase Pakistan’s beauty and diversity to audiences worldwide, promoting a positive image of the country.

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