Saturday, July 20, 2024

Honda to Launch New Electric Bicycles

The Honda Cub e:, Dax e:, and Zoomer e: are three new electric bicycle models that the Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda has launched in China. These models are each targeted at youthful Generation Z buyers.

The new Honda e: electric bicycles are intended in part to give Chinese Gen-Z consumers the opportunity to express themselves through their mode of transportation while having a top speed that is governed by the government at 25 km/h.

Each of the three models is based on a prior Honda model, drawing inspiration from the Super Cub, Dax, and Zoomer while including more modern features and apparatus.

The Honda Cub e, Dax e, and Zoomer e are the predecessors to Honda’s ultimate objective to produce more than 10 electric motorcycles worldwide by 2025.

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