Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Honda Unevils Self-Driving Vehicle That Can Carry 1000Kg

With the Autonomous Work Vehicle, Honda has attempted to combine its two well-known industries of robots and vehicles in recent years (AWV).

It recently introduced a new third-generation model that can move up to two palettes’ worth of cargo around construction sites by itself. But this time, Honda is eager to locate businesses ready to test it out.

The present AWV evolved from a glorified autonomous electric waggon that was essentially an ATV with the top removed.

The most recent AWV has improved avoidance features, a lower bed for faster loading, a larger bed size (two pallets), a higher capacity (2,000 pounds), a higher self-driving speed of up to 10 MPH, a larger battery offering up to 10 hours and 28 miles of endurance, and more.

Because to a collection of sensors on the mast, it may move autonomously or under remote control through difficult terrain, such as building sites. They include tablet-based user interfaces for GPS, radar, LiDAR, and camera technologies as well as cloud connection.

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