Sunday, April 14, 2024

HONOR Teases New AI Technology to Control a Car with Eyes

The Honor Magic6 Pro phone introduces a cutting-edge feature known as AI-based eye-tracking, representing a significant advancement in smartphone technology. This innovative capability allows the phone to track the movements of your eyes with precision and accuracy. Powered by sophisticated software called GazeSense and equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, the device can detect and interpret the direction of your gaze.

With this groundbreaking feature, users can perform various tasks on their phones simply by looking at the screen. For instance, they can effortlessly zoom in on a map or navigate through menus without needing to touch the device. This seamless integration of eye-tracking technology enhances the user experience and opens up new possibilities for intuitive interaction with smartphones.

A fascinating concept has emerged from the creative mind of James Brighton, an adept designer specializing in automotive innovations. Brighton has devised a demonstration showcasing the potential of using the Honor Magic6 Pro to control vehicles.

In this demo, users can manipulate certain car functions—such as starting or stopping the engine and maneuvering the vehicle forward or backward—solely by directing their gaze at specific elements displayed on the phone’s screen.

This application of eye-tracking technology holds promise, particularly in scenarios where precise control of a vehicle is required, such as navigating tight parking spaces.

The eye-tracking feature is exclusively available in China, and the car control functionality remains experimental. Nonetheless, these developments illustrate the burgeoning intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and everyday devices like smartphones and automobiles.

By leveraging AI-driven capabilities, manufacturers like Honor aim to enhance the synergy between smartphones and cars, paving the way for more seamless integration and enhanced user experiences.

Honor plans to delve deeper into the potential applications of AI technology at an upcoming event called MWC (Mobile World Congress). At this event, distinguished guests from leading technology companies such as Qualcomm and GSMA will convene to explore and discuss the myriad possibilities that AI offers for shaping the future of mobile devices and beyond.

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