Friday, May 31, 2024

Horlicks Launches “#HorlicksDoodhKiTakat” Campaign with Moms

Raising a kid is not an easy thing to do especially during their peak growing stages; when they are in school and involved in various academic as well as extra-curriculur activities. Giving kids the right nutrition is very important. Hence, it is essential to lay the right foundation for their future, and the Right Nutrition is the key to the right foundation.

Horlicks; one of the leading global brands of Nutrition, has recently launched the campaign #HorlicksDoodhKiTakat with some of the well-known moms in Pakistan.

Through this wonderful campaign, the brand is encouraging mothers to add three spoons of Horlicks to their child’s everyday glass of milk for complete nourishment. Horlicks has 19 vital nutrients and helps increase muscle mass, bone strength and provides the energy required by school-going kids.

Milk is an important part of a child’s diet due to its nutritional value, it helps develop healthy bones, regulate blood pressure and maintain a healthy weight. However, it can be made more flavorful and beneficial by adding your child’s favorite Horlicks flavor from those reasily available – Chocolate and Malt.

For mothers who are worried about their children’s growth and nutrition, Horlicks offers the best solution. Mothers everywhere trust Horlicks as they have personally experienced its benefits. Thanks to its unique formula containing micronutrients, taking Horlicks everyday gives children more energy to expend; while helping strengthen their immune system and increasing bone mass. Thanks to the inclusion of 19 vital nutrients that are required for the overall growth & development of children, #HorlicksDoodhKiTakat ensures complete nutrition so that children may grow mentally and physically strong.

To make a glass of delicious Horlicks, just add 3-4 teaspoons of Horlicks powder into your kid’s milk, stir well and enjoy.

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