Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Host Pakistan’s Name Not on Asia Cup Jerseys

On Monday, Pakistan revealed their new jerseys for upcoming sports events, like the Asia Cup and the ICC ODI World Cup. Pictures of players proudly wearing these jerseys for the Asia Cup got a lot of attention on social media.

People noticed something interesting in the pictures. Usually, the host country’s name is under the Asia Cup logo on the jerseys. But this time, Pakistan’s jerseys didn’t have the host country’s name. This is different from last year when the Asia Cup was in the UAE, but Sri Lanka’s name was on all the team jerseys.

At first, only Pakistan was going to host the Asia Cup. But things changed when India said they wouldn’t go to Pakistan for the event. So, they decided that Pakistan and Sri Lanka will both host the Asia Cup. That’s why the jerseys look different this time.

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