Monday, October 2, 2023

How to buy iPhone 15 in installments in UAE?

The excitement for Apple’s iPhone 15 is quite high in the UAE, and top stores are happy with the response to this new release. People are particularly interested in features like USB-C charging and the fast A17 chipset.

Starting on September 15 at 4 pm, people in the UAE can order the iPhone 15 series, and they will be able to pick up their phones from September 22. The prices for the iPhone 15 start at Dh3,399.

Vikas Chadha, CEO of Jumbo Electronics, is feeling positive about the iPhone 15’s potential. He thinks the new colors, finishes, and upgrades will attract those who like to try new things and those thinking about switching to iOS 17. Stores are also getting in touch with customers to share pre-order dates, offers for trading in old phones, future plans to buy back phones, and deals with banks.

One appealing choice for customers is the option to trade in their old phones for a discount on the new iPhone 15, provided by retailers like Jumbo Electronics. Also, retailers like Eros Group are planning to offer easier payment options like paying in monthly installments or paying later to make it simpler for customers to buy the iPhone 15.

In the UAE, people like high-end products with good features. Vikas Chadha believes that the Pro models, especially the Pro Max, will be really popular because they have big improvements. Rajat Asthana, the Chief Operating Officer of Eros Group, agrees and says that the iPhone Pro and Pro Max have great features at a good price.

With the new iPhone 15 coming out, older iPhone models will probably get cheaper. Jumbo’s CEO thinks the prices of older iPhone models might drop by 7 to 12 percent, and Rajat Asthana thinks it might be around 10 to 15 percent. But it might take a while before the prices drop significantly for older models.

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