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How to Check Punjab Land Record Online – Complete Guide

The digital platform has significant importance in securing the right of the people, whether they are a farmer or wealthy in Punjab. For security and keeping the computerized land record for the Punjab public extracting their information is useful. For that Punjab land, a record authority platform is established.

Using this platform, people can check Punjab land records online with the extracted information of property-owning firms. It was formed according to the PLRA act 2017. That one big step was the formation of Arazi Record centers that is available in all the districts of Punjab.

Also, the government has launched the “Zameen Land Records,” which provides an inclusive platform for people that helps them verify the property’s details digitally.

This article will find information about “How to Check Punjab Land Record Online- Complete Guide.”

Punjab Land Record Authority

Punjab land record authority (PLRA) is a manifesto that allows the public of Punjab to find and verify the details of their properties. It was introduced by the “Land Records Management Information System” and allowed people to check and explore details and other information about the form of ownership details.

They can also seek the data (property) exact and official location. All of that may take only 30-minutes at the “Arazi Record Centres.”

There are the following “Punjab Land Record Authority functions and features.”

  • Manages the 151 Arazi record centers.
  • Helps to avoid the time waste that usually occurs in manual property registration.
  • People can check the record of their property 24/7 hours of days.
  • Also, it has sixteen satellite fard booths and automated services for expediting fard issuance and mutation attestation. It also provides the e-passbook of your property.  
Punjab Land Record

Punjab land record online

The “Punjab Land Record Authority” system manages the extensive database that keeps the records of all Punjab records of the property. Thus, the Punjab land record check can be kept through this platform.

For that government has launched online portals that offer several services to the public, including viewing the property province-wise, property verification, and checking the records of wide online property maps. From this, the transparency in the Punjab Zameen record will be improved.

This system will help people to resolve their disputes related to the property. Also, this system helps the government calculate and identify property tax collections.

The “Land record online person” online portal allows people to make a new registration for land online. The other key feature of this portal is that it provides the flexibility to select the language, i.e., English and Urdu, for their convenience. People here can also register their complaints. They can also print fraud individuals.

How to check the Punjab land record online?

People can search the Punjab property record online by using the two methods. The first one is that you should visit the official website of the Punjab Land Record authority, and the other one is through the android mobile application. 

Through Online Website

Here is the step-by-step guide about how to check the Punjab Land Record Online through the official website of “The Punjab Land Record Authority. “So, follow these steps if you want to check the property’s information in a successful process.

  • The very initial step is that you should have an internet connection on your device and access the “Punjab Land Records Authority” official website.
  • On their website, you will find “several tools and options” at the top of the menu. You should select the “Property registration search tool.”
  • When you find it and access the registration page of their website, you need to look at the three “drop-down options” in the menu bar.
  • In the first drop-down menu, you have to select the name of your property district. In the next drop-down menu, you need to find the name of your tehsil where your property is present.
  • There will be another drop-down menu that will show you three different choices to search your property by.
    • Here you can search according to your convenience search as you can search the land by your CNIC number, Property number, or your name.
  • After selecting your choice and entering the information, you only need to press the enter key or go for the search option. Within a few moments, you can access the record of your desired property.
Punjab land record online

Through Mobile Application

The Govt of Punjab has also launched a mobile application that helps people to check their property/Land records online. The app uses the same procedure as described above. As both have the same setup of the online system. So, nothing differs that should be redescribed.

End Note

Above are all details about the “How to check Punjab Land Record Online – Complete guide. “Hope all of your queries related to this topic are cleared. If you have made online registration of your land in Punjab, please let us know about your experience.

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