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How To Check Whether a Smartphone Is PTA Approved Or Not?

PTA has fostered a Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) to work with clients as well as assist them with checking whether or not their cell phones are PTA endorsed. Last week, PTA has dispatched DIRBS to obstruct pirated, taken, and copy cell phones.

The framework permits clients to confirm the IMEI number of the portable device(s) to guarantee that device(s) is Genuine, Legal Import with every single relevant obligation and assessment paid, and consistent with DIRBS guidelines and SOP. This article will tell about how to do pta approved check, pta mobile registration check, and how to check pta approved or not.

PTA cell phone enlistment remains on the flourish in Pakistan these days to impede its fake gadget in Pakistan. In any case, if you are uncertain whether or not your cell phone is agreeable with PTA, don’t stress this simple and refreshed aide will tell you four methods for confirming your cell phone with PTA.

PTA has fostered a Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) to work with clients, in addition, to assisting them with checking whether or not their cell phones are PTA supported. Last week, PTA has dispatched DIRBS to hinder snuck, taken, and copy cell phones.

The framework permits clients to confirm the IMEI number of the versatile device(s) to guarantee that device(s) is Genuine, Legal Import with every appropriate obligation and assessment paid, and consistent with DIRBS guidelines and SOP.

Assuming you own a cell gadget, you should know about the way that each phone or cell phone in the nation ought to be confirmed and endorsed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). On the off chance that the gadget isn’t enrolled or falls under the classification of non-PTA endorsed gadgets, it will get impeded after a specific time of enactment.

n Pakistan, most cell phones are imported from different nations like China and America. In the interim, they are likewise pirated to keep away from obligation duties and customs. To track and suspend this sneaking, PTA presented DIRBS.

This system ensures a steady cell phone environment in Pakistan. It will guarantee those cell phones are brought distinctly through lawful channels (, n.d.). PTA has made it compulsory for each telephone client to enlist their gadget. PTA has the option to obstruct that multitude of gadgets that are not enlisted. By impeding, the client will not be able to utilize the gadget on portable organizations.

How to register your mobile phone with PTA | Bol News

What Is An IMEI Number?

The abbreviation of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. This Number is utilized for the recognizable proof of your cell phone. It is 15 digits in length and the chronic number is remarkable for each gadget.

How to Check for an Invalid IMEI When Buying a Used/New Phone?


Regardless of whether you are utilizing an Android telephone or an iPhone, you can undoubtedly observe the IMEI number of your telephone on the off chance that you glance around. For example, on account of an iPhone, the IMEI number is composed on the rear of the telephone.

Then again, for android gadgets that return with a removable cover, you can without much of a stretch track down an IMEI under the battery of your telephone next to the sim card plate or memory card jack. IMEI numbers are likewise imprinted on the cases of your cell phones.

Pta Mobile Registration Check: Things To Know

The following are a couple of significant things you want to remember while confirming your gadget with PTA and chipping away at the course of portable enrollment through DRIBS:

• There are just 3 methods for checking your cell phone with PTA

• Try not to pursue its obscure vendors who guarantee to enlist cell phone gadgets. They may not be approved to do as such. This implies you will just burn through your time and cash. Regardless of whether they some way or another open your cell phone, it can get obstructed again at any time.

• You might have half a month’s window to get your gadget enrolled with PTA after importing it from overseas.

How To Double-Check A Phone’s IMEI Number?

In case you have observed the IMEI number of your gadget [under the battery or on the box] and are considering how to check your telephone’s IMEI number with PTA, follow the two stages referenced underneath:

• Stage 1: Open the dialer of your telephone.

• Stage 2: Now type *#06# in your telephone’s dialer.

• Stage 3: Your screen will consequently be provoked to a spring-up box when you press ‘#’.

• Stage 4: You will presently be given an IMEI number.

• Stage 5: on the off chance that you have a double SIM telephone, you will be shown a rundown of IMEI numbers since each SIM course of action on your gadget has its extraordinary IMEI.

Confirm Your Mobile Phone with PTA-3 Easy ways

There are 4 essential means of getting your telephone enlisted through DIRBS, nonetheless, the main thing that you need to see is your IMEI number which has to be portable.

For those of you who don’t have a clue about the IMEI number, kindly read our article on it:

The 4 particular ways for PTA IMEI enlistment. They are as per the following:


How Updated Device Verification System DIRBS is Alarming for Illegal Smart  Phones Importers - Tech Lobsters

Assuming you know your IMEI, send it to the accompanying number: 8484 through SMS. You will get one of these answers:

• Your cell phone IMEI is agreeable (PTA Approved)

• Your gadget IMEI is resistant.

• Gadget IMEI was noticed resistant as of fifteenth January 2019. IMEI has been combined with your portable number and the gadget will stay functional.

• Gadget IMEI is obstructed. Detailed taken.

Mobile Phone App

Download the DIRBS App, and adhere to the directions to check and get your telephone enlisted.

Website of PTA

The Second method for enrolling your portable is through the PTA site. Visit the PTA site referenced beneath, and adhere to the directions given there, your telephone will be enlisted in the blink of an eye.

If you need to realize how to check your cell phone with PTA, utilizing a work area, then, at that point, there’s a devoted page for it. Here is a bit-by-bit cycle to check whether or not you are utilizing a PTA endorsed cell phone.

Log on to the PTA mobile verification website.

• Look down a piece to see the bar displayed in the screen capture above.

• Enter your 15-digit flexible number of IMEI

• Tick on the ‘Check’ button and you’ll get your outcomes in regards to your PTA portable enrollment without further ado.

Everything You Need to Know About PTA Mobile Registration

Registration Process

To work with customers needing to enroll their cell phones’ IMEI, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) through Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOS) has made portable enlistment administration accessible at CMOs’ establishments across the country. They’ll assist you with confirming the situation with your telephone just as guide you further onto its enlistment if material.

Rundown, all things considered, and client assistance focuses is accessible at focus.

PTA has presented a Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System (DIRBS) to recognize as well as impede the snuck the mobile phones which are not registered.

List Of Import Duties On Phones

It is a customary act of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority that they convey different admonition messages before obstructing gadgets. On the off chance that in case you have passed up a major opportunity perusing those messages or need to import a cell phone in Pakistan, then, at that point, here is a rundown of import obligations on telephones.

Everything you need to know about DIRBS, rules and regulations

Mobile Phones Cost (US Dollars) Import Duty in PKR
Up to 30 130
Beyond 30 and at least 100 200
Beyond 100 and at least 200 1,680
Beyond 200 and at least 350 1,740
Beyond 350 and at least 500 5,400
Beyond 500 9,270

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