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How to Check Zong Balance in 2023 – Zong Balance Check Code

The Zong Customers that don’t know how to check Zong’s balance in 2023 have found the best site to know about it. For the older users of Zong SIM, checking the available or remaining Zong’s SIM balance is an easy task.

However, for the new ones, it can be not easy. This article describes free and easy methods to check the Zong balance for Zong’s SIM users, whether they are new or old.

Checking Zong SIM Balance

There are three methods to determine the Zong SIM balance in 2023 which we discuss below

By Code

The easiest method to know the Zong SIM balance is to use the Zong balance check code to find it out. But to find it without any problem, a few numbers of instructions are necessary to be followed. These instructions are given below. Follow them to find out the Zong SIM accessible balance. The below list is given for the steps that should be carried out.

  • Unlock your phone
  • Open phone dialer
  • Enter Code *222#
  • Hit the ‘’Call’’ button
  • Stand by for a few second
  • You will get an alert message showing the remaining balance
Zong Balance Check Code

Terms and Condition

We discuss some terms and conditions below that are applicable for checking the Zong SIM balance.

  • The prepaid users can check balance by using this Code.
  • The standard tax plus 0.50 (0.50 + tax) will deduct whenever you dial this code string.
  • The standard tax and price for the Zong SIM balance are the same and applicable when using any ZONG package.

By Calling The Zong Services Centre

This method may take a little more time than the above described one. In this method, you follow the following series of instructions to check the remaining balance.

  • Unlock your phone
  • Open speed dial of your phone
  • You should call by dialling 310
  • While listening to the computer instructions, press 2 for 2 times
  • Carefully listen as the computer will share the information related to your available balance with you.

This method of checking balance is free of cost and taxes.

By Using “My Zong App.”

Zong’s users have a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection, or mobile data can use this for Zong SIM balance by installing an app on their phone. For this, visit the play store on your phone and search for an app named “MY Zong App”. You should install this app on your phone.

Check Balance by Zong App

Once you install the app, you have to register yourself using CNIC and SIM numbers. Every time you will need your phone and internet connection to check your SIM balance. Open the app, and you will see the remaining balance.

In this method, only a few charges are used for data connection, such as WI-FI, mobile data, etc. there are no fee charges or taxes to check the Zong SIM balance.


This article is helpful for the people who have recently bought the ZONG SIM and don’t know how to determine the ZONG SIM balance so you can transfer balance easily from one sim to other if you want. All of the balance checking methods of Zong SIM are here.

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