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How to Create Stunning Images Using MidJourney? Step-to-Step Guide!

With the help of MidJourney, you can quickly produce beautiful photographs and other visual content. MidJourney allows you to make eye-catching graphics, illustrations, and animations that stand out from the competition, regardless of your level of creative expertise. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to use MidJourney to make your own amazing photographs.

Step 1: Choose your project and template

The project and template you use for MidJourney should be chosen initially. Many alternatives include presentations, logos, social media graphics, and more. After choosing your project, you can select from various pre-designed templates or begin with a blank canvas.

Step 2: Add and customize elements

It’s time to modify your design once you decide on a template. Icons, drawings, forms, and text are just a few design elements that MidJourney offers. These components can be added to and altered to create a unique design that meets your requirements.

Drag the element onto your canvas and drop it there to add it. Then, to fit your design, you can resize, rotate, and modify its attributes. The built-in design tools also allow you to change your items’ font, colour, and style.

Step 3: Use images and graphics

You can use visuals, photos, and design aspects to improve your work. You can use the library of top-notch pictures and graphics that MidJourney offers in your projects. Also, you can contribute your photographs and images to utilize in your creations.

Drag and drop an image or graphic onto your canvas to add it. Then, you can modify its dimensions, orientation, and other attributes to meet your design. The image editing capabilities in MidJourney also let you change the brightness, contrast, and other aspects of your images.

Step 4: Add animations and effects

You can include animations and effects in your design to make it more lively and compelling. Slide transitions, object animations, and particle effects are just a few of the animation and effect possibilities offered by MidJourney.

Select the element you wish to animate, then select the animation or effect from the menu to add it. The animation’s timing, duration, and other impact aspects can be altered to meet your design.

Step 5: Preview and publish your design

You should review and publish your design as soon as you finish it. With the help of MidJourney’s preview tool, you can see how your format will appear across various platforms and devices. Also, you may post your design straight to social media, email, or other channels through MidJourney.

Click the preview button in the editor’s top-right corner to see a preview of your design. Then, you can decide which platform and device you wish to preview your design on. Click the publish button and select the forum you want to distribute your design.

How does Midjourney work?

Similar to other AI picture generators on the market, Midjourney performs the same functions. One significant distinction is that all image production happens within the Discord app. Before going to Midjourney’s website and clicking the “join the Beta” button, you must create an account there.

Use the “/imagine” command to produce images once you’re in Discord; the first 25 are free. In one minute, you will receive four paintings based on the specifications you entered for the image you had in mind.

Here’s an example:

midjourney prompt example

The better is to be more specific. Your results differ from your home if your prompts are brief and general. Even though Midjourney needs one word to produce an image, anything unsaid will be randomly chosen. It’s crucial to consider each component of the overall picture you have in mind.

You can upscale or make adjustments once you’ve seen your four possibilities. The chosen image will appear in a larger, more detailed version when the “U” command is selected. Depending on which of the four images you choose, the “V” command will produce further variations.

Midjourney prompt example 2

You can further refine your image by creating more variations or performing the upscale with a different model. You can save all of your works to your online gallery.You can choose between three monthly subscription rates after using your first 25 photos.

The entry-level subscription is $10 and provides 3.3 hours of quick GPU time per month. Up to 15 hours of fast GPU time are included on the $30 basic plan each month. Lastly, the $60 pro package comprises 30 hours of monthly fast GPU time. Consider taking a closer look at Midjourney’s extensive command list and parameter list when you’ve mastered the fundamentals of building generic prompts.

What kind of images does MidJourney create?

The most crucial thing to understand is that even if you’ve heard of Midjourney but aren’t all that familiar with it, it may be much more capable than you realize. Traditionally, a specific type of image—highly ornate, nearly “fractal” images—had a strong association with Midjourney. Despite being undoubtedly beautiful, they have a distinctive “AI-generated look” resulting from their shared alien aesthetic. However, the paradigm used by Midjourney is currently on “version 3,” and it is now more robust and flexible than before.

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