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How To Install PTCL Smart Tv App In PC and Laptop


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is Pakistan’s most extensive communication and information technology enterprise. PTCL deals in a wide range of facilities and products for its clients.

PTCLS’s most demanding and entertaining invention was the PC smart App that provides a fantastic experience when people want o watch movies, tv shows, kids’ shows, live TV channels like specific dramas, and other entertaining on-screen services.

In order t avail of these features, there is a way to install PTCL Smart TC App on your computer and laptop. As PTCL is the most much information technology company, it gives multiple services and products to its consumers. These facilities can range from high-speed broadband internet to many other most demanded applications.

Nowadays, PTCLS’ most demanding and entertaining service has been its Smart TV PC Application. This application gives a fantastic experience with its advanced features and services such as sports, kids’ programs, movies, Pakistani drama channels and many more.

Features Of PTCL Smart TV PC Application

The PTCL Smart TV app is the complete entertainment package for its clients as it brings many features; the features are:

  • TV-on-demand
  • 100+ live TV channels
  • Different movie
  • Documentaries
  • Kids’ shows
  • Sports
  • Drama series

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What Are The Requirement To Use PTCL Smart TV APP?

To install and use the PTCL Smart TV app for your PC, you need to have a PTCL broadband link with the lowest of 2Mbps. This request is on all PCs that provide an operative structure beyond Windows 7, at the very smallest amount.

Can PTCL Smart TV Work Without Internet?

IF individuals want to enjoy extra entertainment without paying extra for broadband, PTCL offers Standalone Smart TV. This package deals with the enjoyment of digital quality and uninterruptible TV in a less cost way and convenient. The charges remain the same as that of a regular Smart TV connection.

How To Install PTCL Smart TV App In Pc

PTCL Broadband (DSL) Internet Packages

To have the various entertaining features of the application, consumers must install the PTCL Smart TV APP on their laptop or computer. PTCL Smart TV app for windows, PTCL Smart TV pc app free download has the following steps below.

  • Open the web browser and click on the link of this application from the desktop or laptop
  • If individuals use this App on their phone, they can download it through the PTCL Smart TV App through the Google play store or the Apple App Store.
  • Go to the PTCL Smart TV app for pc settings
  • After installing the APP, click on the sign-in button, which is in the right corner
  • Now log in to the App using your username and password in the given fields
  • If the person is not a user already, you will be required to install the ‘BrowserPluginHelper’ and ‘BrowserPluginHelper’ extensions first. After installing these apps, you will automatically go towards the page where you can install plugins and extensions by the links given.
  • Click on the download button and wait for it to complete.
  • When the downloading is in process, you will go for a security check as soon as the download is complete
  • Click on keep and then move forward
  • Open the downloaded file from the PC from the Downloads folder to run it as an administrator.
  • After this, start the installation process.
  • When the installation is processed, tick on the finish button to complete installing
  • Open the browser again and go to the link
  • Sign in using your username and password. Now you will see the desired TV channels, movies, dramas, and different shows on your computer through the PTCL Smart TV App.


This article gives complete detail on installing PTCL Smart TV App on a PC and Laptop. If you have any inquiries concerning the procedure or face problems, contact the PTCL Broadband service to fix the issues.

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