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How to Renew Driving License in Saudi Arabia?

Renewing a Saudi driving license is now a hassle-free process for members of the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) community. With a few supporting documents and following a straightforward procedure, individuals can renew their licenses and continue driving on the roads of Saudi Arabia.

Application Form:

To begin the renewal process, applicants need to fill out the Driving License Application form. Along with the form, they should attach a recent passport-size photograph.

Before undergoing the Eye Vision Test at the KFUPM Medical Center, it is essential to have the photograph affixed on the application form stamped by the Traffic Police Department. This stamp validates the photograph and ensures its authenticity.

Eye Vision Test:

Visit the KFUPM Medical Center to undergo an Eye Vision Test. The test results will be updated in the Absher system, a platform for various government services in Saudi Arabia. The updated test report is crucial for the license renewal process.

Renewal Fees:

Choose one of the convenient payment methods to pay the renewal fees. Payments can be made through ATMs or online systems of local banks. Ensure the payment is made according to the chosen duration for renewal: 2 years (SR80), 5 years (SR200), or 10 years (SR400).

Online Renewal through Absher System:

Visit www.moi.gov.sa, the official website of the Ministry of Interior, and log in to the Absher system. Follow the instructions to renew the driving license online. Once completed, obtain a printout of the renewal confirmation.

Take the printout of the renewal confirmation along with the original Saudi Driving License to the Traffic Police Department in Dhahran. Present these documents to receive the renewed Driving License Card.

The expected time for the renewal process is approximately one day.

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