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Huawei Contributes to Multilevel Digital Transformation Across Pakistan

“Currently, Pakistan is undergoing a period of Internet and digital services booming, with Huawei Cloud constantly contributes to the development of Pakistan’s digital economy,” Hank Shao, Managing Director, Huawei Cloud Pakistan, indicated at the 2023 Pakistan International Energy Summit held recently.

Since expanding into the Pakistani market in 1998, as of now, Huawei has a total of 3,200 local employees, with a localization rate as high as 91%. In 2018, the newly established “Huawei Technical Support Center” began to provide remote technical support services to other countries.

“At present, our Pakistani business is mainly divided into four major sectors. First, operator services. We serve more than 10 Pakistani operators. Secondly, our enterprise business is to provide services for local organizations, large enterprises, and government agencies, involving public security, health, education, energy, finance and other fields. Third is cloud services, providing resident cloud platforms and public cloud services. Last but not the least is digital energy. We are committed to providing Pakistani customers with smart photovoltaics, data centers, sites energy and other solutions.” The reporter was told that more than 80% of Pakistanis use Huawei services directly or indirectly.

As for cloud services, which endow numerous industries, including the energy industry a digital transformation, Shao noted that Huawei Cloud mainly serves large government and enterprise customers, covering industries such as government, education, energy, and telecommunications. At the same time, it is building FSI Cloud with local partner Khazana, which will be released in July. This service focuses on providing secure and reliable local cloud data center resources for financial customers.

“Cloud solutions are currently widely deployed in key customer computer rooms such as governments, education and operators, supporting key business processes, big data governance, application innovation and other scenarios. In addition to the Khazana I have already mentioned, our local partners also include CMPak, Abacus, and so on,” Shao emphasized, “Under the current economic situation in Pakistan, cloud services are an excellent solution to save investment, optimize processes and improve efficiency, thus widely recognized and welcomed. For us, the digital transformation of government, finance, energy, telecommunications and other industries contains unlimited opportunities.”

To more effectively seize these opportunities, a significant progress made by Huawei in recent years is to train Pakistan’s talented youth. For what the company views as an inevitable direction for the country, talent development was described as the key for sustainability of Digital Pakistan with programs like Huawei ICT Academy, Seeds for the Future and the ICT international competition.

“Every year, we are able to export more than 5,000 technical talents for the entire ICT field of Pakistan through cooperative training with colleges and universities,” Shao forecasted, “We also expect more local talents in the cloud field to serve Pakistan’s digital future.”

According to the MD, on June 20, Huawei will host Cloud Canival Pakistan, with topics including DevOps, AI, BigData, expanding new blueprints for local partners and developer groups.

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