Sunday, May 19, 2024

Huawei Planning to Launch Game Console and Gaming Laptops

Rumor has it that Huawei has plans to enter the market for gaming hardware. It’ll start with a small gaming laptop. It was already on its way with the Honor Hunter V700 to do that, but then Honor (phones, laptops and all) was sold off by the geopolitical situation. However, a Huawei gaming laptop is planned to be launched this year.

A gaming console to rival the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox – the follow-up would be even more interesting. However, there is no information on what kind of platform this would be. It seems likely from the contrast with the high-end consoles, that this would not be an ARM-based console like the Nintendo Switch, but rather something beefier.

A few years ago, AMD formed a joint venture with Chinese partners to produce CPUs based on Zen. Perhaps an APU similar to that is not out of the question for the current PlayStation and Xbox. But that’s not a given: Huawei might want to try something with its own silicon designs.

Huawei introduced GameCenter last year, a gaming hub built on top of Android’s Huawei Media Services. It had a spat with Tencent Games this January and eliminated all Tencent-published titles from its store. Even, there are plenty of Android games ready for play at the GameCenter.

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