Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Huge Decline in Gold Prices in Pakistan, Latest Rate Here

Gold prices in Pakistan experienced a significant drop on Thursday, reflecting similar declines in international markets. According to data from the All Pakistan Gems and Jewellers Association, the price of gold per tola fell by Rs6,200, bringing the new rate to Rs242,000. Additionally, the price for 10 grams of gold decreased by Rs5,315, settling at Rs207,476 in the local market.

The international market also saw substantial losses in gold prices, with a drop of $62 per ounce, bringing the price down to $2,355. This marks the third consecutive session in which gold prices have fallen, largely due to decreasing investor interest in the commodity.

On the previous day, the price of gold per tola had decreased by Rs300, closing at Rs248,200. Similarly, the price for 10 grams had dropped by Rs236, ending at Rs212,791 in the local market.

The consistent decline in gold prices over the past three sessions highlights a trend of reduced demand among investors, impacting both local and international markets. This significant drop is causing concern among gold traders and investors who closely monitor

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