Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Huge drop in Suzuki, Toyota, Honda sale predicted as Changan Alsvin, MG, KIA break record

After the company received more than 17,000 pre-bookings for the sedan model that was recently launched, Changan Pakistan closed the Alsvin booking.

The company also told clients that “Do not refrain from making any payments to anyone promising an early delivery”. In addition, the company also claimed that the booking will be reopened shortly.

According to a statement released by Changan Master Motor, our genuine customers are fully booked by Alsvin until July. Therefore, the company does not take further bookings to prevent late delivery times.

Earlier, following its launch in Pakistan, MG Motors reported to have booked 10,000 HS SUVs.

Strong demand for new birds in Pakistan is highly likely to create trouble for the Pakistani Big 3 automaker, which has been dominating the automotive industry for years.

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