Sunday, April 21, 2024

Humanoid Robot Says Hi to You

“Q Family” humanoid robots developed by the research team of the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently made their public debut in Beijing.

Which one do you like?

Led by Qiao Hong, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the state key laboratory of multimodal artificial intelligence systems, the research team built a “big factory” for the design and assembly of the humanoid robots.

Several prototypes of “Q Family” humanoid robots have obtained preliminary technical verification.

Facing the needs of adaptive outdoor complex terrain and resistance to unknown interference, “Big Factory” has built a bionic high-dynamic robot Q1 that can realize accurate tracking and balance control of robot’s whole body posture through AI empowered design, and a multi-terrain adaptive robot Q2 that can realize adaptive and stable movement of various complex terrain indoors and outside.

And high-burst motion robot Q3, which can realize the robust control of mass robots and the adaptability of different environments, and through the serialization and modular software training system of “big factory”, it can empower humanoid robots with sense-cognitive-decision-control intelligence for outdoor scene applications such as farm operations and field patrols.

In order to further explore the scientific research needs of human movement characteristics and precise operation mechanism, based on the muscle nonlinear characteristics, muscle distribution characteristics and motor cortex-cerebellar-spinal cord loop control mechanism of the human musculoskeletal system, a humanoid robot Q4 which can achieve high flexibility and high precision movement is constructed. It lays a foundation for the further construction of a new generation of humanoid robots which simulates human mechanisms and overtakes humans in performance.

Facing the intelligent needs of humanoid robots to complete multiple types of tasks in indoor scenes, “Big Factory” integrates the Zidong Taizu multi-modal large model developed by the Automation Institute in the robot system, and builds the highly concurrent reasoning humanoid robot Q5 for the rapid and accurate logical reasoning and execution of robot tasks in the physical environment, which can provide important support for smart factory operations and family life services.

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