Monday, February 26, 2024

Huobi Global offering $90 to the quiz winner from Pakistan specifically

The World’s Best Cryptocurrency Exchange “Houbi Global” has taken over Binance in Pakistan.

Huobi Global ( with its interactive user interface, elite security protocols, massive number of trading tokens and 24/7 customer support has disrupted the crypto market in Pakistan.

Binance – once used to be the eye-pleaser for crypto enthusiasts in Pakistan is slowly becoming an old horse of the race. It’s rigorously taken over by Huobi Global which has now become the talk of the town. With success to their this achievement and value adding the engagement of their Pakistan Community, Huobi has introduced Quiz Competition for it’s Pakistan users for a sum of $90.

The competition is set to last for 2 weeks starting from Jan-13th  6:00P.M (Pakistan Time) in their telegram group (, where 1 question will be asked on daily basis and first 3 to answer correct would be awarded with $3 each for 2 weeks till Jan-28th .

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