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Hush Puppies Pakistan Becomes a One-Stop Brand with Apparel Launch

Hush Puppies, Pakistan’s leading international footwear brand, has launched their apparel line for the first time in Pakistan. The brand’s A/W collection aptly titled Head to Toe with Hush Puppies is a major expansion move that gives the modern-day consumer a one-stop solution for their fashion needs. Hush Puppies Pakistan’s apparel collection is high quality comfort-driven smart casual western wear for both contemporary men and women.

Hush Puppies’ presence in Pakistan traces back to 1992, when the brand first commenced operation in the country. Back in the day, the footwear market was full of shoes that were extremely uncomfortable to wear for the length of the day. Hush Puppies’ entry ushered in comfortable, classic styled and high-quality footwear to customers solving the problem of lack of comfortable shoes in Pakistan. Through decades of experience in manufacturing quality footwear, the brand’s success proves that consumers are always on the lookout for options that cater to their needs and addresses their problems. This learning is at the heart of Hush Puppies’ A/W’22 apparel launch as they venture to provide quality apparel to their consumers at highly competitive price points, aspects which are at a dearth in Pakistan’s western apparel market.

Mohammad Qasim, Managing Director Firhaj, commented:

“Head to Toe is a philosophy we’ve been working on for quite some time. Hush Puppies Pakistan spearheaded the same for its global counterpart by being the first to introduce the one-stop concept. We are proud to announce that Firhaj, the official licensee for Hush Puppies in Pakistan, will also be manufacturing apparel for global audiences.”

The apparel line is fashion forward, with the use of subtle & classy colors and modern cuts that cater to the audience’s needs and satiates their requirement for aesthetically pleasing apparel. The brand’s motto of living on the bright side is evident from the design philosophy of the pilot collection.  

Ahsan Rashid, CCO Firhaj, and core ideation person for the apparel launch, said:

“After extensive R&D, Hush Puppies has come up with the ideal range to launch. Both men and women’s smart casual collections reflect the choices of our modern consumer.”

The collection launch was done with a concept-based DVC built on the theme of “Looking at the Brightside.” The narration and visuals depicted various Hush Puppies consumers who are on a constant lookout for positivity. The content has been well received by audiences and created an emotional connect with their customer base for the already leading footwear giant.

Ravia Saqib, Head of Marketing Hush Puppies, the key thought leader of the concept commented:

“We as a brand have always believed in tying brand communication back to our core philosophy and with apparel it was no different. In this world of constant ups and downs, we want to encourage our audiences to look at the bright side of life. So, here’s to looking towards comfort, looking into opportunities and looking at the future.”

Value driven brands like Hush Puppies are evolving with consumer needs and its delightful to witness this shift in the market. Here’s to wishing them success and looking forward to more collections to come.

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