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Hyperion is the Tallest Tree in the World, it Stands 380 Feet Tall and is Over 800 Years Old

Hyperion, the tallest living tree in the world, is located in Redwoods National and State Park in Northern California. However, it has been closed to the public because visitors have caused damage to it. The National Park Service has made a new rule this year that says people can be punished with up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine if they get too close to the tree.

The decision to restrict access was made because people were making their own paths and climbing the tree, which caused harm to the environment. There was also a problem with garbage and human waste. It is hard for emergency services to reach the tree because it is in a remote location.

The new rule says that people cannot get within a mile of Hyperion, and park rangers will make sure that everyone follows this rule. So far, no one has been arrested or fined, but trespassers will probably be asked to leave or given a $150 ticket.

Hyperion may not look very impressive up close because only the first 150 feet of the tree can be seen from the ground. However, some visitors are still curious to see what is beyond that part and want to climb the tree. Redwood trees are some of the oldest and tallest trees on Earth, and Hyperion was discovered in 2006. It is important to protect the tree and the area around it to preserve this amazing natural wonder.

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