Tuesday, July 23, 2024

‘I Had a Word with Babar, He was Unable to Talk. I Told Him Brave Men Either Win or Lose But They Don’t Break’, Babar Azam’s Father

Sri Lanka, the current champions, clinched a spot in the Asia Cup final by defeating Pakistan by 2 wickets during a crucial Super 4 stage match.

The disappointment felt by cricket fans due to the national team’s exit from the Asia Cup is shared by the players themselves, including Babar Azam, the team captain. Azam Siddiqui, Babar Azam’s father, conveyed this sentiment in an Instagram post.

In his post, Azam Siddiqui mentioned that “Half of the players played the entire match yesterday, and the team lost with a four on the last ball.” He emphasized that while winning is important, what truly matters is the team’s valiant effort despite being understaffed. He expressed optimism that things will improve when everyone is fit for the World Cup.

Azam Siddiqui also highlighted the significance of intentions and patriotism in competitions, underscoring that Allah observes one’s heart and intentions. He mentioned that he had spoken briefly with Babar, who couldn’t say much at the time. Azam Siddiqui encouraged his son, reminding him that courageous individuals either win or learn from their experiences but never give up.

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