Sunday, July 21, 2024

“I Knew Karim Benzema is Coming to Saudi, That’s Why I Said Saudi League will be Among the Top 5 Leagues in Future”: Cristiano Ronaldo

Saudi Arabian League is becoming a hub of Football megastars, with Cristiano Ronaldo becoming a part of Al Nassr, and now Karim Benzema is also set to join the Al Ittihad.

Al Ittihad took its Twitter account to welcome their new player. Benzema has closed a two-year contract with Al Ittihad and is expected to earn around €200 million per season net salary including commercial sponsorships. Saudi Arabian League for its financial aptitude is becoming a top attraction for football champions.

In a recent interview, Cristiano while talking to the media stated his thoughts about his teammate joining Saudi League and said that he knew Benzema will come to Saudi and that is the exact reason he predicted that Saudi League will be among the top 5 in the future as more football players will come.

In addition, Benzema on joining Saudi League expressed that it will be a new challenge for him as there are many exceptional players.  He further said that Cristiano’s presence is a testament that the Saudi League is moving ahead and he will win here just like he did in Europe.

Cristiano’s statement seems to be true nonetheless as many popular football names are expected to join Saudi League.

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